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Phil Melugin: When is it Time to Seek Home Health Care?
Phil Melugin began his career in healthcare shortly after obtaining his Master of Education in 1990.
Phil Melugin on How Phoenix Home Care Helps Clients
Phil Melugin has embraced the concept of personalized home healthcare throughout his career.
Phil Melugin Answers Questions about Pheasant Fest
Phil Melugin is the founder of Pheasant Run Ranch, an active wildlife ranch in north central Kansas.
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    Phil Melugin: Why Phoenix Home Health is Unique

    Phil Melugin has a long, successful career in the home healthcare industry, making it no surprise that his Phoenix Home Care has seen such great success. In a little more than a year after it was founded, Phil Melugin says Phoenix Home Care has experienced tremendous growth, with expansions to offices both in Missouri and Kansas. Phil Melugin attributes a large part of this success to Phoenix Home Care’s unique business model.

    As Phil Melugin explains, Phoenix Home Care was founded in 2011 with a mission to provide quality in-home care to residents in both Kansas and Missouri. Phil Melugin has experience in home healthcare in both states, as well as serving as president of an industry-wide organization. Through this extensive experience, he discovered that several qualities are integral to standing out in the field.

    Since home healthcare requires a healthcare professional to enter a client’s home, Phil Melugin carefully screens each employee during the hiring process. Part of this screening process ensures the employee shares Phoenix Home Care’s dedication to providing compassionate, reliable service to each client, Phil Melugin states.

    As Phil Melugin points out, Phoenix Home Care’s values are outlined on its website. The company stresses the Christ-like values of compassion, integrity, and patience. According to Phil Melugin, Phoenix Home Care also believes in providing “plus one” service, which requires each employee to strive to go one step above what is expected in order to provide service far above and beyond industry standards.

    One of the most important principles Phoenix Home Care upholds is its emphasis on empathy. As Phil Melugin describes, empathy is the ability to not only understand what a client is going through, but also to fully identify with that client. Phil Melugin tells his employees to imagine how they would feel if they were in the client’s position. That helps employees give clients the best treatment possible.

    The phoenix symbols a rebirth process, Phil Melugin reminds us, which is the goal of Phoenix Home Care. Phil Melugin strives to give new beginnings to each client by providing customized, empathetic, compassionate care from his staff of talented healthcare professionals. Phoenix Home Care provides rehabilitative and occupational therapy, Phil Melugin says, as well as personal grooming assistance, wound care, and help with many other medical needs.

    By providing assistance in the client’s home, Phil Melugin’s Phoenix Home Care can help those who might not otherwise be able to travel to appointments. Phoenix Home Care strives to help each of its clients find a new beginning. For more information, visit the company online at

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